Brand Canada

With the recent Apple TV update and the release of Apple’s Television app in Canada, I’ve been watching a bit more streaming stuff outside of Netflix. It got me to download the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) app, and I was surprised to see that all of their original series are all available to watch through […]


I’ve been really excited to watched the shorts promised by Oats Studios — the new studio started by Neill Blomkamp — and the first one, Rakka, is really great. It’s made up of vignettes of a future Earth that has been invaded by aliens, and it’s cool to see Sigourney Weaver take part. It’s part […]

Amnesia Fortnight 2017

When Double Fine Productions did its previous Amnesia Fortnight in 2014, and documented it through a web series, it was one of my favorite “TV” shows of that year. They’re at it again, and although the game jam itself ended a few days ago, all the episodes of the documentary series aren’t out yet (they’ve […]


I loved this series about game culture so much, I binged all 9 episodes — which you can watch here (although I recommend downloading the Red Bull TV app on Apple TV and watching them that way, which is what I did) — in one night. Each episode explores a different aspect of today’s gaming […]

Rediscovering Mystery

I’m so in love with the Noclip series of game-related documentaries, and the latest one is called “Rediscovering Mystery,” covering the mysteries and secrets found in games. It features some great interviews, including Spelunky‘s Derek Yu (and I now want to go play Spelunky again). I’m also really happy that they’re going to release follow-up […]

Erno & Rubi

This is a nice little bit of interactive storytelling (more than a game) and well worth taking the time to check out, especially since it’s free. Taking inspiration from the movements of a Rubik’s Cube, you move aspects of the scene around, creating a story for the two characters that are represented within. It features […]

Digging Through the Archives

At long last, my archives are back. Most of them at least. Some of you may recall that back in early 2014, I had the great misfortune of the web host I was using pulling the rug from under me, which meant that my entire website — which dated back to 2002 — suddenly disappeared. […]