Tokyo Boy

I haven’t made a Tokyo Boy update at the OPi8 site in at least 2 weeks, and although I was planning on putting a new up the other day, I see that there seems to be quite a few errors at the site. I know that the people that run the site were planning on doing a redesign of the site, so this could have something to do with it. I guess I’ll take a break from TB for now, and just focus on the daily pics I put here, maybe adding more commentary to the pics, like I did at the OPi8 site.

Also, I’ve been thinking about creating a new section to the site which would basically be reviews of the cool bars, cafes and shops that I visit here in Tokyo. I think it could be useful for people that come to Tokyo and don’t really know what to check out when it comes to drinking outings. I’ll also ask my regular transgression (I used to send out a mailing list describing my outings called TOKYO TRANSGRESSIONS, and we sort of started refering to our outings as “transgressions”) partner, Jason.

Lastly, since I released the last issue of GEISHA in the middle of December, I’m not quite ready for a new issue yet. If I feel inspired I might get to work on a new issue in a week or so, and if not, look for the next issue to be up for the beginning of February. Again, a big thanks to Warren Ellis who keeps plugging the new issues as they get released.