Fey and the Sky Lounge

Had a great outing last night with Jason in Harajuku/Aoyama. We first checked out Fey, which is pictured in today’s pic. I really enjoyed this place. I has a very modern design, with appropriate music to let you relax. The food menu is also quite good, and amazingly affordable (basically everything under or around 1000 yen). We had some really tasty rice meals, accompanied by glasses of shochu (a sort of Japanese liquor) which came with a huge spheric ice cube (well, sphere). It’s not on my list of places to check out regularly. We then went to the Sky Lounge, which is part of the Las Chicas complex, just in front of the Sputnik Pad. The decor is a mix of various Asian things, which ecclectic furniture, and a very comfy velvet sofa. Great place to relax and talk.

I’m now really excited by some new project that I think me and Jason are going to be able to start. I don’t want to say too much now, but let’s just say that it would involve a regular contribution to a print publication. More on everything as (or if) it evolves.