A New Start

So, as you can see, the new design has been up for a day now. A huge thank you goes out to Patrick (who’s online store, the Tokyo Record Hunting Service, is a must-visit for any fan of Japanese music) who helped me by answering all my stupid questions, offering tips, and testing everything on PCs. The feedback I’ve gotten by email has been very positive, and as far as the problem of the font not being dark enough goes, I hope that the new color will make it easier (and you gotta love CSS for letting you change all the text throughout the site by changing one color in one document). Of course, as with anything new, there are probably things that I’ve missed, and if you spot them (or experience any problems), please let me know. For now, I’m just glad that it’s all done, and that I can rest a bit. Oh, and my Japanese studies have really suffered during the past few days because of all the attention I was giving to the site, so time to hit the books again.

Tomorrow is the final day of one of my schools, which is closing down. It’s going to be a bit sad to see some of these students for the last time. Such is the life a teacher…