Milky Hips

01I was out in Aoyama last night, and picked up a flyer for the Milky Hips exhibit at the Rocket Gallery. It’s described as a photo exhibition of cute & pretty hips by photographer Meisa Fujishoro. The flyer that I picked up is a postcard sized version of what you see on top.

I was out last night in Aoyama to meet up with my friend Torahito who is visiting from Hong Kong. He’s an old friend of mine from my Chinese university days. I wanted to bring him to Frey for dinner, but the place was having a private party, so we went to the Sputnik building’s Low instead. After that we just crossed the road to the Las Chicas complex and relaxed in the Sky Lounge with a few beers. Our conversation eventually turned to the beautiful art of ramen, and it was then a must to head back to Ikebukuro for a bowl at my favorite shop, Komen. Even at midnight, we had to wait maybe 20 minutes in line, but it was well worth it.

I don’t think I could live without regular doses of ramen. It’s life fuel.