Earlier I was watching a report on BROADCASTER about the past, present, and future of McDonald’s in Japan. They showed the insides of some stores that are featuring the new retro-futuristic look that I photographed a few weeks ago, but what I found most interesting was a graph with the fluctuations of the price of a burger in Japan. In 1971, the year McDonald’s made its debut in Japan, a hamburger was 80 yen. At the height of the bubble years (mid to late eighties) it reached a high of 210 yen, and now it’s at a very low 65 yen. Imagine that! We’re paying less than what it cost over 30 years ago!

The McDonald’s in Ikebukuro that is undergoing the redesign is opening on Monday, so I’ll be sure to at least go for a cheap 65 yen burger in order to have a first hand look at the new design. Who would have thought that I would ever get interested/intrigued by something happening at a McDonald’s.

And lastly, regarding the new menu items they introduced last week, I had a tofu burger the other day and found it to be relatively tasty.