The Animatrix

I just watched THE ANIMATRIX, which is to be released on DVD in June. There are 9 episodes, all directed by Japanese directors (except for 2 of them, one by Peter Chung of AEON FLUX fame, and another by the studio that did the FINAL FANTASY CG film), and they were all excellent. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be BEYOND by Koji Morimoto, who I think was one of the animation directors on the AKIRA film. It’s the only short that takes place in Japan (and you even get to see one those construction signs that I blogged about a few entries ago), and there’s just something about the animation, perspectives and environments that I really enjoyed. But that being said, all of the shorts were really terrific and they just made me want to see the soon to be released live-action sequels even more.

I’ve mentioned it before, but let me just remind you that you can watch 4 of the episodes online here.