40GB iPod

I haven’t really said much about my new iPod, but let me assure you that I’m so loving it. First of all, the remote is truly a godsend. The biggest annoyance on my old one (the first generation 5GB edition) was that I always had to take it out of my bag to adjust the volume or to pause it. Now it’s easy as can be, and it’s also useful to be able to skip tunes (I often listen to all the music in shuffle mode, like a great big jukebox). I haven’t played a lot with the on-the-go playlist feature, but the notes are great. You can basically put any text file and then view them on the go. Great for lists of things to do, buy, or check out (for instance I have files for areas of the city that list things to do and check out when I’m there). And having 40GB capacity is also truly wonderful. I can finally sync all the music I have on my Mac (I usually have around 20GB), and I’m also using it as a spare HD to backup some stuff. Oh, and the dock system is also much appreciated. It’s so much easier to just slip it in there instead of fumbling with the firewire connector. So two very enthousiastic thumbs up, and well worth the admittedly high price.