An Afternoon in Aoyama

I head out the door a bit early (well, anything before noon is early for me) to have lunch with Lil in Aoyama. After a delicious lunch in the Spiral building, we hit the Spiral gift shop, as well as the special calendar shop they’ve setup at the entrance. Before seperating, she lends me her copy of Naomi Klein’s NO LOGO, a book I’ve been meaning to read for ages. I then go to the Aoyama Book Center where I spend a good hour. I pick up the latest issue of the Japanese design magazine +81, a special deck of cards released by +81 where each card features a designer’s work, and 2 very nice books in a series called PICT BOOKLET that features illustrations from Japanese artists. Later I return to Spiral to check out the character goods exhibit, and get two little frogs from the insane array of gacha-gacha machines they’ve setup in a corner. I then go to the Rocket Gallery to see the Vincent Gallo exhibit, PROCESS. As much as I love his BUFFALO 66 and look forward to seeing THE BROWN BUNNY, I can’t say that I much care for his works on display. Not my cup of tea. Following that, it’s on to Nadiff to peruse even more nice books. I end up getting a Brockmann calendar by Groovisions (see my Tokyo Boy entry). I think about getting coffee at the Cafe Crepuscule, but I’m getting tired and want to head back home (didn’t get much sleep the night before). A nice day’s outing.