These are the fukubukuro that will be on sale at Franc Franc on January 2. The fukubukuro, or suprise bags, are a big deal here, and every store sells out of them at the beginning of the year. I personally think it’s a lame deal, as you don’t know what you’re going to get, so most likely stuff you don’t need, but I like the ones at Franc Franc mostly for the nice bag/container (you could use it after to store stuff, even as a suitcase). At 3000 yen, I’d like to get one, but I doubt I’ll brave the masses (they’ll surely sell out as soon as the doors open, especially since they’re displaying them now, so people are getting anxious to get them). We did buy some nice coffee mugs while we were there, something to start the New Year with.

Oh, and this pic was taken with my new mobile.