Gyudon in Danger!

Unbelievable, but gyudon chain Yoshinoya might have to stop selling gyudon (bowls of stewed beef on rice) because of the US Mad Cow situation. Seems like they only have stock for another month, and after that they’ll have to change the menu. This is like McDonald’s having to stop selling hamburgers. Here’s a Kyodo News blurb taken from Japan Today:

Fast-food chain Yoshinoya D&C Co, which imports 99% of its beef used in its trademark “gyudon” rice bowls from the United States, will remove its “gyudon” beef bowls from the menu if Japan’s current ban on U.S. beef imports continues, Yoshinoya President Shuji Abe said Tuesday. “We will stop serving gyudon” unless Japan resumes importing U.S. beef by the middle of next February,” Abe said at a press conference.