Bikkuri House Festival

Don’t know how good this will be, but the BIKKURI HOUSE FESTIVAL taking place at the Parco Museum of Art and Beyond until February 8 has piqued my interest. From REALTOKYO:

In the 1970s and ’80s there existed (from what I understand) a “subculture” magazine in Japan called “Bikkuri House.” It (reportedly) included columns, such as the “Hentai Yoiko Shimbun,” in which readers were invited to contribute parody articles, and marked (again from what I understand) the start of events like the Nippon Graphic Exhibition and Urbanart. (My apologies for all the second-hand background information.) Here 100 creators involved with the magazine gather to produce “their own original Bikkuri-cardboard-House art.” The “own original” part sounds like the essence of “Parco culture” that turned everyone and his dog into artists, with all its pros and cons. I will definitely attend the talk shows being held in connection with the exhibition, to verify what I’m quoting here…