Life/Art ’03

And let’s also mention the LIFE/ART ’03 show at the Shiseido Gallery (until February 22). I’m really interested in the Masato Nakamura part of it (with the power distribution units). Again, from REALTOKYO:

Shiseido Gallery’s “life/art” is a project which tracks the work of five artists over a period of five years. In this the third installment Imamura Hajime, Kanazawa Kenichi, Suda Yoshihiro, Tanaka Nobuyuki, and Nakamura Masato present their ideas on the theme of “tactility.” Personally I was most surprised by the tactile encounter with Suda Yoshihiro’s wooden sculptures — it must have taken considerable resolution for the artist to allow people to touch his delicate works, and for the visitor too the act seems to involve some ethical examination. Kanazawa Kenichi shows an iron plate on which visitors step to produce sounds, and Nakamura Masato unveils his plans to turn those ugly grey “power distribution units” scattered around town into beautiful works of art.