ART iT 2


The second issue of REALTOKYO‘s bilingual art magazine ART iT is now out. I’ll pick it up today on my way to work. They’ve also launched a new website for the magazine.

Volume two of the art magazine REALTOKYO is producing is out since January 17. This second issue is dedicated to explorations of the “Boundary between Art and Design,” and features interviews with Yokoo Tadanori, Tanaami Keiichi, Ukawa Naohiro — the latter titled “Art is slow, and design is fast!!!!!!!!!” after Ukawa’s own comment. Also discussed in the magazine are the “Roppongi Crossings” exhibition and Miyajima Tatsuo and Tachibana Hajime’s latest project, while Matsukage Hiroyuki and two other specialists give their views on the “Nitten (Japanese Fine Arts Exhibition).” Other contributions come again in form of cutting little texts from Tsuzuki Kyoichi, Shiriagari Kotobuki, etc. Check also the website that just opened, and look forward for additional texts and images to appear there soon. (REALTOKYO)