Ramen Jiro on NPR

raskin140A reader sends me a link to this great radio piece from NPR on ramen. It talks about the trauma of getting a bowl at Ramen Jiro, and I was so surprised to see the pic as there’s a Ramen Jiro in Ikebukuro! I’ve walked in front of it a million times, and I always say to myself that I need to go, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Yuko never wants to go because from outside it looks really low-rent, sort of like a local mom and pop ramen shop. But that does it, I need to go this week!

I find it quite funny that I seem to have developed this “ramen otaku” image from the site. You’d be surprised at the amount of mail I get from people sharing their love of ramen, or asking me if I’ve been to certain shops (and recommending some). For those who want to know more about the aura that surrounds ramen, a must-see movie is certainly Juzo Itami’s TAMPOPO.