Maximilian Hecker & Barbara Morgenstern


I got an email from a reader today recommending me an upcoming show by German electropop diva Barbara Morgenstern at Aoyama Cay on February 8 (which also includes Maximilian Hecker), and now I find a description of it at REALTOKYO. Sounds quite interesting, and lucky for me it falls on a Sunday (I can never make it to weeknight shows because of my job). Here’s the blurb from RT: “While his brother operates under the family name Hecker as a representative artist of the Austrian label Mego, Maximilian has released music that combines the sweetness of bands like Travis, or Elliott Smith of the now defunct Hood, with a feeling of solitude on Kitty-Yo. On his Japan tour he brings along Monika artist Barbara Morgenstern, another torchbearer of the current German pop avant-garde who attracted attention by employing the services of Pole in the past, and also appeared on a compilation of Cornelius’ Trattoria label. The Goethe Institut and Headz are co-hosting this unpredictable and potentially surprising evening of music, which makes it the place to go for some artistic refreshment.” More Japanese info can be found here.