Readymade TV Box

286It was recently announced that an upcoming new DVD box set covering all previous Pizzicato Five video works (like the fabulous READYMADE TV trilogy) would soon be released, and it’s now listed at HMV’s Japanese site. It’s going to be expensive, but I think I’m going to save up for it. For me, P5’s visuals were always an important part of the complete product, and that goes for the album packaging as well as the videos. It put you in the mood, in the spirit of the music that Yasuharu Konishi was creating. For a look at the amazing graphics used by P5 throughout the years, this is the book to get. It offers a beautiful tour of the history of Pizzicato Five graphic design. I have it, and love it. So yeah, I’m clearly going to be getting the READYMADE TV BOX. And appropriately, it comes out on March 31st, the anniversary date of their break up.