Image Forum Festival 2004

log-0425The Image Forum Festival 2004 is being held right now at the Park Tower Hall in Shinjuku and the Yokohama Museum of Art. From REALTOKYO:

A festival packed with cutting-edge films that are worth seeing without exception. After the kick-off at Tate Modern, the show has traveled Berlin, Paris, New York, Jonas Mekas’ Anthology Film Archives) and other places, presenting a UK experimental film special, as well as Estonian animated films and experimental movies from Korea, China and Taiwan. The Japanese edition features among others an animation work realized in collaboration between top designer Tanaami Keiichi and Aihara Nobuhiro, a new work of “The Art of Fugue” creator Ishida Takashi, and a video installation by artist Shimabuku. Don’t miss the extremely rare chance to see a program as extensive as this!