Axis 109

The new issue of AXIS (109) is now out. Here’s a blurb on the feature, “The City in Metamorphosis – creating urban environments in the 21st century,” from their site:

The awareness that “the 20th century model has its limits and is on the decline” is a growing perception in virtually every field of human endeavor. This is no less true of the design and creation of urban environments. The city has been likened to an organism in which a diversity of individuals engage in a rich variety of life styles. Because it is alive, the city faces a diversity of problems, which grow and change ceaselessly. We seem to make do with giant, box-like structures created by famous architects, but we are not going to find any universally applicable answers in such facile and uniform approaches.In this feature we introduce projects now underway around the world and examine directions and approaches to creating urban environments in the 21st century, all from a perspective that doesn’t end with the architecture itself but rather focuses on the daily lives of the people living there, the infrastructure, and government involvement.