WordPress Rocks!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’ve fallen in love with a little thing called WordPress. It’s blog software, like Movable Type (what I use to power this site), but open source, and entirely based in PHP and MySQL. It took 5 minutes to install. It’s powerful as hell. All the tags are PHP based, and I’m dizzied by the amount of things that I can do. The list of plugins is quite impressive, and I’ve already found something that would let me setup some nice photo albums, like the ones you see in TypePad (I’ve been wanting to do something along those lines for a long time now). I’ve already got a version of this site up and running, and it’s nice. Everything is generated on the fly, there are no archive pages, and just one template page. Oh, and I’ve just discovered all of this 2 days ago. The only reason I haven’t launched a new WP powered version of the site yet is because I’m having some problems setting up the moblog (posting by email is included in the program, but there seems to be a problem with my host’s Cron command; no worries if you don’t understand this, it’s UNIX geekiness). Mfop2, which I’ve used since the launch of my moblog (that little thing in the sidebar called Tokyo Boy), only supports MT and Blogger. I could of course launch the site using WP and just keep updating Tokyo Boy in MT, but I really want to make a clean break. I’ll keep you informed as things happen. And a big shout out to Chad for turning me onto this (and all his live iChat troubleshooting).

And just to update you on my iMac’s HD problems, my Applecare was all cleared up the other day (I hadn’t registered properly), and they picked up my machine today. I’ll hopefully get it back within a few days. It’s really nice that Apple has an English option on their support line.