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tsig-blogThe TSiG blog has now been launched. I’ll be blogging there, as well as some other folks you should know by now (Audrey, Jesper, Midori, Nao, Robert). I’m sure there are still little bugs here and there that will pop up as we start using the site regularly, so feel free to give me feedback on any problems encountered (or even general thoughts on the project). I’m very happy to be involved with this, and I think it’s going to be fun to be part of a group blog, especially with this group. Let the parallel blogging begin!


TYO People

This mention in Momus’ latest Click Opera entry made me blush:

His blog is, indisputably, the fastest-moving and best blog guide to what’s happening in Tokyo.┬áThe pic was taken during our Pause outing from the other night.
Books Design

The Book of Pallalink


Architect Kawahara Kazuhiko, who goes by the name Palla, creates beautiful parallel images of pictures he takes in Osaka. He’s been mentioned here before, but if you haven’t already, check out his site for tons of beautiful imagery. He’s now created a book, called THE BOOK OF PALLALINK, which he will be printing himself. To make this work, he needs people to place enough orders to go to print. The thing looks beautiful, so have a look, and then go to this entry form to place your order/donation.

Design Events

Barnbrook Design


I’ve just realized that I missed July’s exhibition at the Ginza Graphic Gallery, which pisses me off as it was something I really wanted to see (the annual ADC show). Well, nothing much I can do about it, except make sure to go early to the next one, which starts August 5.

In August 2004 Ginza Graphic Gallery will hold an exhibition entitled Friendly Fire – the work of Barnbrook Design. Jonathan Barnbrook is one of the most influential graphic designer in Great Britain today. His activities during the past 14 years have invariably generated a great deal of discussion and debate, both favorable and unfavorable. The present exhibition represents the first large-scale showing of his work. Beginning with his collaboration with Damien Hirst, it includes everything from his anti-advertising activities to commercial work such as the CI project he created for Roppongi Hills. Experimental projects that have never been publicly seen before will also be on view, along with representative work from his early years. The exhibition will afford an invaluable opportunity that takes up even his most recent works addressing social problems and political issues, works that are as yet unknown in Japan.

The show runs August 5-28. Here’s a link to the Barnbrook Design website.


3 Weeks

I’m done work. For 3 weeks. I’m broke as hell, and so can’t do much during this time, but hey, who cares. Let the good times roll.


Kyupi Kyupi Grand Kayo Show Cabarotica


I so want to see this. I saw a video installation by Kyupi Kyupi at the Jam show a while back, and loved the hell out of it.

The unit led by video artist Ishibashi Yoshimasa of “Oh! Mikey” fame. This entertainment supreme, immensely popular in the Kansai region, hits Tokyo. Heart-wrenchingly fast video projections, dance by heteromorphic characters Fish Heads and Panoranoia Dancers, as well as chantress Wakeshima Mami debuting her Showa ballads in a full-body direct-hit. Kansai-style gags tempered with touches of eroticism makes for good vibes and a little spice. Kyoto shows make brilliant use of old architecture; in Tokyo they consciously chose spaces devoid of history. Hats off to spirit of service that offers wine and nudity. (REALTOKYO)


Happens at Spiral in Aoyama on August 18-30. I hear they have a new DVD out, which I would love to have. I wish I wasn’t broke right now.

Update: Here’s an article from the DAILY YOMIURI.


Captain Porno


I am so in love with my new Captain Porno. Designed by Shu-Thang Grafix, it’s a product of Roughtoyz. A huge thanks goes out to Jun, who not only runs Roughtoyz and the Pause cafe, but also the Rough empire, which includes the Collector’s Showcase figure shops. One of them is just down the street from Pause, so have a look next time you’re in the area. I’m also very happy to report that Roughtoyz will be part of TSiG, and their products will be on display in the designer figures exhibition.

Fashion Magazines

Paper Sky x ROIAL


I like these new t-shirts that have been produced by PAPER SKY and ROIAL. There’s one for all the different countries that have been featured in the magazine, in different colors. You can buy them at the BOOK246 shop, or online.

Architecture TB.Grafico

Nihon University


One of the Nihon University buildings, directly across the road from where I work on Wednesdays.

Shot taken with the A5403CA mobile phone.

Meta Personal


In two days time I will be enjoying my Summer holidays, which will last for 3 weeks. I obviously cannot wait for this, as this month as been killer because of the heat, and I really need the rest. It also means that I’ll have a lot of time on my hands, and some of that time will be used to be productive. First thing, a new issue of my ezine GEISHA. I haven’t done anything with that in what seems like ages, and a message I received the other day got me thinking that it’s about time I get back to that. I’ve been concentrating too much on the technical side of the site (like with the conversion to WordPress), but not enough on the creative side. So expect something happening on that end.

Also, I want to bring the moblog over to WP, and start posting with larger pictures. I’ll probably fiddle around with the site a bit also, so we’ll see what ends up happening on that end.

For now, I’m counting the days, and hoping I don’t end up having to come back from work tonight in the middle of a typhoon!