TSiG Street Art


Street Art / Self Promotion


For Tokyo Style in Gothenburg we are trying to bring the spirit of contemporary Tokyo to Gothenburg and the cultural building Röda Sten ( You can find some pictures of the venue here.

The streets of Tokyo
Besides bringing contemporary japanese artists, musicians, designers etc. we wanna create a feeling of the urban Tokyo. Since street art, posters, stickers and so on, has become an important part of the urban public space, it would be fun to bring some of it over to Sweden. This would then be put up on the walls of Röda Sten, inside + outside, in the elevators, staircases and corridors between the exhibit areas. We also have a special “Tokyo Style Art Tram” were we are going to replace the usual advertisment with contemporary japanese art or some of the stuff you send us. The tram is gonna be in traffic during the festival days taking passengers from the city center to our main venue Röda Sten.

An oppertunity for promotion in Sweden
Since we are a low budget independent festival organized by a network of young creative people in Gothenburg, who all works for free, we were hoping you would like to send us some of the street art, posters, flyers, free papers, stickers etc. that can be found on the streets of Tokyo. Maybe you wanna promote your club, your clothing brand, your own designstudio or favourite music artist. What you gain for yourself is the good feeling you get in your heart after helping out fellow creatives, but also promotion in Gothenburg, Sweden. Contributers will also receive documentation of the exhibit and it’s different forms of imported street art. If you are interested in helping out please send us as much stuff as you like to the address below, and we will be ever grateful.

We would like:
Posters, stickers, flyers, papers, commercial ads etc.

Sent to the address:
Kulturprojekt Röda Sten
c/o Tokyo Style in Gothenburg
Röda Sten 1
414 51 Göteborg

We need your stuff before the 10th of august 2004

We arrange this festival out of love and fascination for Japan and its contemporary culture, and are hoping this is something you want to support. If you have any questions regarding the festival feel free to contact us at: