Totoro at the Expo

From Boing Boing:

A replica of the Kusakabe residence, the house featured in Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 animated masterpiece My Neighbor Totoro, will be built for EXPO 2005 being held in Aichi, Japan, from 25 March – 25 September, 2005. It will be constructed within the woods of the Expo site using techniques of the early Showa era and will undergo artificial aging. The furnishings will also be made to reflect the movie as faithfully as possible within the woods of the Expo site. Visitors will be able to freely explore the house, looking inside closets and chests and touching things, just like the heroines Satsuki and Mei did in the film when they first arrived at the house. Wow. All we need now is a Cat-bus to get us there.

I saw a TV report on this the other day, and the house is looking really nice (it’s about half done). Me and Yuko are planning on attending the Expo, and I’m excited about it as it’ll be my first time visiting an Expo (and also really excited about the Totoro house, as TONARI NO TOTORO is probably my favorite Hayao Miyzaki film). Also looks like Jesper might be working at the Sweden pavillion, which would be nice.

You can read more about the installation here.