Design Events

Follow the Leader

One of the events taking place at TSiG is called “Follow the Leader,” in which a bunch of designers (Swedish and Japanese) get together to create one continuous piece.

“Follow The Leader” is an ongoing graphic design event were designers will follow in eachothers footsteps and create a vertikal poster of 9×1 m. Four Japanese designers and four Swedish designers get 6 hours each to create 1 m2. After the first one is created the following designers will be provided with 10 cm of the previous design. Much like the game you probably played as a kid; someone draws the head and then folds the paper so the next one only sees the neck, and then draws the body and so on…
The piece is done, and here’s what it looks like:


Collaborators are, from top to bottom: Sweden Graphics (SWE), Velvet Number (JPN), Ink Graphix (SWE), Delaware (JPN), Little Eskimo (SWE), Atsushi Togami (JPN), Patrick Sundqvist (SWE), and Jun Watanabe (JPN).

Update (16/08/21): The image is unfortunately no longer available.