Onedotzero_nippon 2004


Onedotzero_nippon 2004 is almost upon us, taking place October 1-3 for the first time at Spiral Hall (in past years it took place at the Tokyo International Forum). Following Tokyo, the event will also be happening in Sapporo and Fukuoka this year (see the site for more info). The schedule for the Tokyo event can be found here. I’ll probably only get to see 1 or 2 programs, which I think will probably be “Wavelength” and “Wow+Flutter.” Better get my tickets soon, as a lot of the shows were sold out in past years when I went to get tickets at the door. For those who can’t make it to any of the festivals (it’s an international event now, taking place in 13 cities), there are always the compilation DVDs. I’m drooling over the MOTION BLUR book.