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Sonarsound Tokyo 2004

The Sonarsound music festival is coming to Tokyo. It happens October 9-10 in locations around Ebisu Garden Place.

The annual Sonar festival has made Barcelona the mecca for all fans of cutting-edge music and art. In 2002, SonarSound was established as an international edition that has so far traveled several European countries, as well as Japan and most recently Brazil. While the first Tokyo event two years ago wasn’t much more than an average techno/electronica party, this time’s “sonarsound tokyo” features an impressive lineup of roughly 30 artists from around the globe. Appearing next to the likes of Carl Craig, Akufen, and many more guests from abroad will be Rei Harakami in a collaboration with former Dumb Type member Takatani Shiro, and even Sketch Sketch show together with Sakamoto Ryuichi, in other works another renunion of the legendary YMO! Don’t miss it. (REALTOKYO)

Have a look at the lineup: Akufen, Atom, Aoki Takamasa, Benge, Carl Craig, Ceephax Acid Crew, Chicks on Speed, Fonica, Guitar (Digital Jockey), Hifana, Hiroshi aka Tread/Kaito/Quadra, I’m Not A Gun (John Tejada + Takeshi Nishimoto), Karafuto (Fumiya Tanaka), Little Creatures, Nujabes, O.lamm, Opiate, Qodibop, RADIQ aka Yoshihiro Hanno, Rei Harakami + Shiro Takatani (Dumb Type), Schneider TM, Sketch Show + Ryuichi Sakamoto = Human Audio Sponge (Visuals: Ryoichi Kurokawa), T.Raumschmiere, Towa Tei, and World Standard.