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Barnbrook Design


A pic from last month’s Barnbrook Design exhibition at the Ginza Graphic Gallery. These protest flyers let you write whatever blurb you would like to see this world leaders say.

Art Events


I still haven’t had a chance to check out the Claska hotel (with their Sign produced cafe/lounge on the first floor), but this might get me there (although financially, I’m pretty limited in my outings for the next few weeks).

This September it has been one year since the aged Hotel New Meguro was renovated and opened as a designer hotel under the name “Claska”. The gallery on the 2nd floor is now showing a limited 9-day exhibition that was produced by SCAI The Bathhouse. Participating artists include SCAI affiliates Julian Opie, Saiki Katsuhiro, Miyajima Tatsuo and Nawa Kohei, and as an event that displays their works all at once this is a great opportunity. Displayed in the spacious gallery of 232 square meters are small- and mid-sized works, in a tastefully clear arrangement that matches the hotel’s overall image. SCAI’s gallery in Yanaka is nice, of course, but to try and find new customers in a stylish hotel in Meguro is certainly not a bad idea. (REALTOKYO)

Here are links to SCAI The Bathhouse, and the Claska hotel (although the links at that site aren’t working for me). The show lasts until September 4.

Design Technology



I’m quite intrigued by the products from Kyouei. An LED balloon lamp, a DVD that produces colored lighting for your home… Check out the description for the CD they call “Random”:

This CD used on random play mode only. It has 99 scales included in the 99 tracks. When using the “random” function, the CD will automatically select random tones, and make a new melody. And when selecting random and return function simultaneously, the new melody will play endless.

Link via Jesper.