Design Events

Machine=Eros Project

As part of Designer’s Week 2004, EX’Realm is hosting the “Machine=Eros Project” by Yamaha.

The name Yamaha stands for both musical equipment (Yamaha Corporation) and motorbikes and boats (Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.). The first project to take place at the renewed Ex’ Realm in Harajuku is hosted by both companies, and features performances by Ujino Muneteru + Asano Tatsuhiko, Grinder-Man and others, as well as visual art by the likes of Hiro Sugiyama, Shirane Yutampo, Matsumoto Chikara and Higashiizumi Ichiro. Worth a special mention is the main exhibition in which musical instruments, bikes and boats are taken apart, knocked over or piled up to display their inner workings. What a waste, you might think, but this project shows how much Yamaha actually cares about art.

Lots more info here. Starting tomorrow, it ends October 11. Admission is free to the first floor.