Tokyo Exposed

A fellow Tokyo blogger (he runs the following Lomo site) is holding a photography exhibition called “Tokyo Exposed,” with the opening party happening this week.

This series of over one thousand photographs captures the Tokyo lifestyle from the unique vantage point through the lens of alternative photography. Using a well known technique called cross processing this exhibition promises to transform Tokyo and creates otherworldly images characterized by blurring, oversaturated color, a “hot spot” in the center of the frame and “vignetting” effect in the corners.The vivid, colorful and artistic images from Tokyo-based photographers Damon Armstrong and Will Robb will line the walls, floors and other surfaces of the prestigious Lounge O nightclub in Ometesando, Tokyo. Armstrong and Robb call the exhibit a “tribute” to life here in unique, busy, fast, colorful, expensive, demanding Tokyo.

The photography will consist of fifteen 120 cm x 90 cm mounted shots and five multi picture shots also 120 cm x 90 cm. Live tokyo + exposed film documentary display via the venues three large video screens of how the shots were taken.

Tokyo + exposed Opening party Friday 15th October @ the Lounge O nightclub from 11:00 pm – 5:00am. 2,500 Yen 1 drink. With Flyer 2,000 yen 1 drink.

Opening party DJs: Ari & Yan (Sunday Sessions @RubyRoom, Tokyo Collaboration @Womb), Dave Twomey (Womb, Simoon, Spice), Mike McKenna (Kokimura @yellow, Addiction @Simoon, Disco Science and Futique management.) Live Performance: Moments of Truth (Air, Nuts, Simoon and Fuji Rock Festival.)

Lounge O/Orbiant Nightclub. Address: B1-B2F CRYSTAL BLDG 3-5-12
Kita-aoyama, Minato-Ku, TOKYO. Zip 107-0061 (map)