Art Events

Jumble 2004

OK, so I complained about how far the Claska Hotel is from Meguro station, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t be going there again, especially with the Jumble 2004 exhibition happening at the Claska Gallery at the end of the month (October 26-29). Have a look at the participating artists and brands:

Participating artists:
Dave White/Scott Patt/Skism/Marok/Enlightenment/Moog Yamamoto/Will Sweeney/Maya Hayuk/Deanne Cheuk/ The boo’s///DIY/Event10/Camille Vivier/Sanghon Kim/Big Photographic/Simon True/Pardon Kimura and more.

Participating brands:
Yoshida (Tokyo), Ma$$age(Tokyo), Staple(NY), Tim VS P.D.L.(Paris), Valuer(Tokyo), Mask(Berlin), Frederique Daubal (Paris), Oliver77.(Berlin), New Shopping Bag(Amsterdam), E&Y(Tokyo), Under Current(Tokyo), Non Sense(NY), Trico(Tokyo), Pacific Furniture Service(Tokyo), Multiple Core(Tokyo), Not Solid/Liquid(Tokyo) and more…

It’s presented by GAS.