Tokyo Walking

An Afternoon in Shibuya

Headed out early today to get to Shibuya with Yuko. She has some things she needs to do all day at the Tokyo University Komaba campus, so I tagged along until Shibuya, and am spending the afternoon in the area.

I started off with Tower Records, where I finally picked up the first issue of COMPOSITE (the previous issue was numbered 0). It brought my Tower point card to 40, which means my next magazine will be free! My regular Shibuya stops route was followed by Parco Part 1’s basement, where I got some nice stationary at Delfonics. Seems like they updated their collection, as there were many new things on hand, including some new Braniff Airlines branded goods, produced by Delfonics. The Parcos Gallery had a show by Colobockle. I picked up a nice Christmas card. I also noticed for the first time that the P-BC is now a Libro bookstore. Don’t know when the change was made.

I had a hard time getting out of the Parco complex, what with a visit to the basement of Parco Part 3 (the recently opened zakka floor), and then Parco Part 2’s 4th floor for a few new interior design shops (style, keep left, arenot) that recently opened. If I had the money, I would love to redo my apartment with some of the things I saw. One day…

Now I’m at Planet 3rd, where I’m writing this, and just had a delicious taco lunch set. After this I’ll head out to Aoyama. I just had a look at Tokyo Art Beat, and I think I’ll check out some new exhibitions (Gallery 360, Rocket, Colette Meets Comme des Garcons, and Nadiff).

Update: When I visited Gallery 360, I had my iPod earphones on (nevermind that the music was off). The woman in charge came up to me and asked me to stop listening to music. When I asked her why, she responded that it was “bad manners” to view an artist’s works while listening to music. I felt like I was being confronted by SEINFELD’s Soup Nazi. I thought it was ridiculous, and walked out.