I want me one of these.

We don’t feature JVC often, mainly because its products tend to be a bit, well, dull, but the company’s marketing machine intrigued us when it went gaga this summer, running a tease campaign urging the press to guess what the new Everio was. The fact that it turned out to be a solid-state video camera was a welcome surprise. The ¥110,000 lens ’corder includes a 4Gb Microdrive and a 10x optical zoom, as well as slots for other memory cards, so you won’t have to ditch all your existing media. It even comes in two different designs, giving the choice of a traditional side grip (GZ-MC200) or a new-fangled vertical alignment (GZ-MC100). A 2-megapixel sensor and MPEG-2 video recording complete a nice little package. (Metropolis)

I’m definitely due for a new gadget…