Roppongi Hills Monopoly

I saw a blurb on this Murakami Takashi designed Roppongi Hills version of Monopoly about a month ago (at the time of the Monopoly World Championships) in TOKYO WALKER, and here comes METROPOLIS with the following info:

Every four years—just like the Olympics—40 players from around the world gather to battle it out over a board game in the Monopoly World Championships. Just last month, Roppongi Hills played host to the 2004 extravaganza, with Spaniard Zafra Fernandez ousting Japan’s Utaka Okada as world champion.

To commemorate the Japanese competition, Hasbro asked artist Takashi Murakami to oversee the design of a special Roppongi Hills board. The properties on the board are all shops within the RH complex, and the pieces reflect the best of Murakami and Roppongi Hills—the counters are designed in the shape of the Mori Tower, and the set even comes with a Roppongi Hills handbook. For Japanese readers 8 years old and up, 4,179 yen with tax.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I absolutely love board games, and Monopoly is one of the classics — I even have the Japanese Star Wars edition, which I bought during my first visit to Tokyo 6-7 years ago, bringing it back with me to China. Wouldn’t mind owning this one.