Touch! Exhibition: Feel the DS

I was walking around Harajuku earlier tonight, and when I stopped by Beams-T, I noticed a huge Nintendo DS display with 3 playable systems, part of something called the Touch! exhibition, also featuring Berlin’s Lodown. I had a chance to play the new MADE IN WARIO game (TOUCH! MADE IN WARIO) and Sega’s FEEL THE MAGIC: XY/XX. Both were just so damn fun, and really, you have no idea how great the DS is until you get a chance to play some of the games. The Wario game uses the stylus — the same kind you use with PDAs — and it was a total blast rubbing objects into movement, with the same adrenaline rush of previous Wario games. Same for the Sega game, which is a stylish graphic story with mini-games that pop up here and there. One of them had me rubbing stomach juices into movement to get a guy that had swallowed some goldfish to get rid of them, and then digging in the sand for a sweet honey’s lost jewelry. I really had a hard time stopping, and can’t wait to get one of these systems for myself — which is going to be a while, as it’s already sold out, even before the official launch (tomorrow). Oh well, I still have GTA: SA to keep me busy. But now Yuko is saying she wants to play the soon-to-be-out DRAGON QUEST VIII…