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By Design

This afternoon I went to the Laforet Museum for the Resfest‘s By Design program. I never miss this, and again this year I was not disappointed. MK12, probably my favorite MG (motion graphics) group out there, had 2 entries — finally giving me a chance to see the Funkstorung video they made in all its glory, much better than the shitty flash-based version I saw before — and the rest of what was on show was great. I think this year’s showcase was particularly strong, and it put me in MG heaven — what can I say, it’s a genre I’m in love with. The festival’s opener, this year done by illustrative duo Kozyndan and video artists Motion Theory, was also outstanding. It was a trip seeing those amazing widescreen Kozyndan images come to life with a beautiful mix of live-action and CG.

Also, they’ve added a special RESMIX program tomorrow (Sunday), covering Korean shorts. It starts at 11:30, and it’s free. If I have the time, I might also try catching the SHORTS #2 program at 1.

And I also want to mention that the English Resfest site is broken for Macs, which is sort of ridiculous since Apple is one of the sponsors. I tried getting ticket info from it using Safari, IE, and Firefox, with no success. I was finally able to get the info from the Japanese site.