Art Events

Clint Taniguchi

Julia Barnes, who recently opened a new gallery, wants us all to know that the featured artist there, Clint Taniguchi, is also having another opening at Gallery Closet for his new series of sculptural paintings, with a live video installation.

OPENING RECEPTION OAHU SUNDAY 28 NOV 18:00 – 20:00Clint Taniguchi presents his most recent series of sculpture-like-paintings; OAHU (Hawaiian for
gathering) Taniguchi uses organic shapes to create an installation of “living dots.” Video artist Mike Paunovich, also of San Francisco, will collaborate with Taniguchi on the opening night where they work primarily with organic qualities of energy, immersing themselves in vibrations and fractal patterns. Waveforms become visible through the play of light and liquid, in their most current project, Burst. A live video installation will be on display at Closet Gallery.