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This sounds like it could get me interested in musicals.

Another explosion of Kegawa leader Emoto Junko’s charisma! The unique blend of gorgeous show elements and excessive expressions of eros and violence has won Kegawazoku a huge number of fans ranging from would-be actresses to lecherous daddies. Their fourth year of activity marks the troupe’s advance to the class of large-scale theatres, with a piece that is subtitled “Fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas”. Sounds like a gathering of Freddy, Jason, Damian and other dreadfully bloodstained characters for song, dance and slaughter on stage… If you appreciate vulgar and pitchblack types of musicals, you’ll probably like this. (REALTOKYO)

Check this site for some more images of the girls in action. Their next show, KILL! KILL!: OBAKE GA DERUZO!!, will take place at Shinjuku’s Space Zero on December 1-8.