Design Events

Arisoude Naimono

Oh, Plusminuszero designer Fukawasa Naoto has an exhibition at the Watari-um!

Although somewhat dwarfed by Marc Newson’s “Talby”, the electrifyingly stylish “Infobar” came out right in time when people increasingly lamented over the absence of a really cool cell phone on the market. Designer Fukazawa Naoto is known for his creations adapting forms of objects found in everyday life, such as a “LEGO brick” mobile phone or a CD player in the shape of a fan. This time an army of Fukazawa-designed objects encroach the Watari Museum shop for an entertaining showcase of the designer’s work. Exhibited items can also be purchased at the venue. When visiting the basement, ask the staff for a pen and give the displayed Infobar your own design. (REALTOKYO)

It ends January 23.