TSiG: The Documentary


Yesterday I had a look at the documentary that was made on Jesper‘s Tokyo Style in Gothenburg (TSiG) project, and quite liked it. It gives you a nice look at what happened during the event, interviewing a lot of the participants, like Namaiki, ODD, Afrirampo, Shing02, and more. A good document of something I wish I could have attended. I was sent a DVD of it, but don’t know if they plan on selling it on the TSiG site, or maybe offer some kind of stream.

As for the TSiG blog, it hasn’t been updated of late because of frequent comment spam attacks, which caused the host to disable the MT installation. It should be back up and running within the next few days. Also, we’re looking for some new bloggers for the Tokyo side, so if it’s something you’d be into, if you share the TSiG sensibility (i.e. cool happenings in Japan), please contact me.