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Momus’ first post at Design Observer is now up: “Berlin Wheatpasting.”



htva01Today marks the release of Digiki’s debut album KITCHEN through Japanese label Hattrick Records. For now it’s only available for purchase through their web shop, but it should get distributed sometime soon.
Books Stores

ABC Foreign Book Bargain Sale!

As the article says, it’s been a crazy year for the Aoyama Book Center this year, but the good news is that things are back to normal, and it’s time for a foreign book bargain sale!

It was a year of calamities in Japan, and Aoyama Book Center makes no exception there. But as we all know now, everybody loves ABC, and thanks to the firm support and efforts of all parties involved, the shop has resumed business and is now operating as usual. Eager to make 2005 a better round, ABC’s head store presents with the grand bargain sale of foreign books in January its first highlight for the new year. Offered are all kinds of foreign publications, including also a selection of rare photo books. On January 9, Moriyama Daido and Hosoe Eikoh appear in a talk show. After finishing your pray at Meiji Shrine, I recommend you to head straight for the ABC! (REALTOKYO)

The sale happens January 7-9.

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Koolhaus of Jazz Report

Patrick was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets (from REALTOKYO) to the Koolhaus of Jazz event at the Liquid Room in Ebisu last night, and he offers this report.

TB.Grafico Tokyo Walking

Cat Street


A shot of Cat Street in Harajuku.


Slight Update

You’ll probably notice a few superficial changes to the site, and that’s just me playing around a bit, slightly modifying things. I really got tired of the little icons found everywhere, and as I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve always wanted to de-emphasize the dating system, putting the articles up front (but no worries, the dates still appear at the end of all articles). I did most of it on Christmas day, and will continue to nip and cut here and there over the next few days.

Update: I didn’t really like where I was heading with my changes. Decided to go back to how it was before, and to slowly start rethinking the whole site.


Second Collection of Plus Minus Zero

Plus Minus Zero has put up info on its second collection of wares. Again, beautiful stuff. Link via


Frog Style Vol. 10


I think I’ve already proclaimed my love for the Frog Style collection, and today I picked up two more from the brand new series. Volume 10 sees frogs representing the animals from the Chinese zodiac. I got the tiger and the wild pig.

Cafes TB.Grafico

Desserts at Pause


A few desserts at the Pause cafe.


Title on Housing

1281679618If you enjoyed Momus’ recent post (and the following comment thread) on interesting housing, then you’ll definitely want to have a look at the new issue of TITLE (pictured here is last month’s issue — the new issue is only officially released on the 26, but they sometimes have magazines in early at the Junkudo bookstore near my place). The cover feature takes a look at various design-friendly homes. It made me drool.