Alternatives 2005


In his new OUT OF TOKYO column, REALTOKYO editor in chief Ozaki Tetsuya talks about a new guide to alternative art spaces in Asia.

The title is “Alternatives 2005 — Contemporary Art Spaces in Asia”, and that’s just what it is (though including Australia). Introduced are a total of 170 alternative spaces and other art-related facilities in 16 Asian (Oceanian) countries/regions. Each entry comes with information such as the place’s name, address, phone/fax number, e-mail, URL, access information, director’s name, opening hours, year of establishment, operating body, equipment, summary of activities, and sometimes a short comment. The book is organized by countries/regions, and each chapter begins with an introduction by a leading art personality of the respective country. The guide is fully bilingual (Japanese/English), and should be helpful for both professionals and art fans.

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