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Art Meets Media: Adventures in Perception


The new show at ICC, “Art Meets Media: Adventures in Perception,” makes a nice companion to the latest issue of ART iT.

ICC introduced this group exhibition of media artists as an “ABC of media art”, and in fact it’s an event of great depth and covering a fairly wide scope. Next to works that belong to ICC’s permanent collection, this exhibition presents works one rarerly gets the opportunity to experience first-hand. Fujihata Masaki’s “Beyond Pages” and Jeffrey Shaw’s “Legible City” are without doubt masterpieces that will leave their marks in art history, and also Shilpa Guptas’s “Your Kidney Supermarket”, a humorous yet severely critical pun on the sale of organs, is worth a closer look. Since the text in the exhibition catalog is much too difficult to serve as an “ABC”, beginners might rather like to get a copy of the current issue of ART iT magazine focusing on media art… (REALTOKYO)

Until March 21.