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Japan Media Arts Festival

Been wanting to mention this here for a while now, and I’m finally reminded of it by this REALTOKYO entry:

The festival is held for the eighth time this year, and as an art fan I’m again most interested in the Art division. The Grand Prize this year goes to France-based Electronic Shadow, who create in “3 mitutes2” a peculiar feel of depth by projecting silhouettes onto the walls of a perfectly white space. Winner of the Excellence Prize is “Global Bearing”, in which visitors can use a pole in the floor symbolizing the earth’s axis to determine and see images of opposite points on the globe. An interview with the work’s creator, Hirakawa Norimichi, is available in vol. 6 of ART iT magazine, which is of course recommended to check out before visiting the exhibition.

It will take place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography from February 25, until March 6.