Design Events

Shibaura Island Block Renovation

I don’t really get what this event is all about, but Groovisions have something to do with it, which is enough for me to take notice.

An invitation by “Picnic Cafe” to enjoy cities and experience one’s own futuristic view of urban space. (TAB)

At Spiral until April 6.

Design Events

The Art of Living

Time to get some tips on improving your homelife.

“Are you comfortable at home?” Everybody has their own idea about comfort. But is there a specific type of home which many people would find pleasing? What is the determining factor of a comfortable home? In this event, five architects experienced in various housing issues will present their seven keywords determining a comfortable house. (TAB)

The show is currently running at Living Design Center Ozone until April 5.

Fashion Web

Anko Sale

Andrew Duckworth of Anko lets us know that his tees are currently on sale.

Architecture Magazines

GA Houses

gah_086I saw this, GA HOUSES PROJECT 2005, at Junkudo yesterday, and was definitely tempted to pick it up. It looks at various projects, featuring Tadao Ando, Jun Aoki, Atelier Bow-Wow, among others. Bonus: the content is presented in a bilingual format.


Yoshioka Designed Watch

It’s a new watch designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for Seiko. Ain’t it purty? Link via

Design Events

Mystery of Beauty

Another promising event in this year’s “Deutschland in Japan” calendar of projects.

This is a collaboration between the architecturally impressive, castle-like Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, and Matsushita Electric Works, the headquarters of which are located in an equally impressive highrise building in Tokyo. While German industrial design is primarily known for emphasizing a product’s solid quality, this time students of the university present to the electric-appliance maker design concepts on the theme “beauty”. Exhibited for a month at Matsushita’s showroom are eleven results including suggestions for lighting and home appliance designs. It will be interesting to see what came out of this approach on a global topic from two different local perspectives. (REALTOKYO)

It happens at the Matsushita Electric Works HQ in Tokyo, April 7 to May 5. Official site for the event.

Design TB.Grafico

Garbage Can


A garbage can in Harajuku.

Cafes Magazines

Kateigaho International

I haven’t been keeping up with the magazine KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL. Although it does sport some gorgeous photography throughout, the content just doesn’t seem to interest me that much, as their focus definitely wanders towards the more traditional aspects of Japan. I did have a look through the latest issue (Spring 2005) earlier today, and there are a few articles of note: a brilliant pictorial with cover girl Chiaki Kuriyama, a look at the Meguro-ku area (we meet the Organic Cafe‘s Kazumasa Aihara — who also runs Depot and NEMS in the area — and Transit‘s Sadahiro Nakamura), and a talk with Cow Books creator Yataro Matsuura about libraries in Japan.

The Meguro-ku article reveals some interesting news. The Organic Cafe will definitely move sometime in 2005 (I’ve been hearing this since last year, with no set date), to make way for the Nakameguro Redevelopment Progam, whatever that is. As for Transit, they will be opening two new Claska-like hotels: one in Shibuya, and one in Akasaka.


Japanese-Only Composite

Well, it only took 3 issues: COMPOSITE is no longer bilingual. The new issue (Vol. 3 No. 3), pictured above, has ditched the English insert they used to have in the back — for more content I suppose. First PAPER SKY, now COMPOSITE…


Title and the CM Queens

title0505The new issue of the magazine TITLE features a cover story on the new up and coming CM queens, and comes with a DVD that includes personal messages from all your favorite gravia idols. Ain’t that sweet.

Speaking of TITLE, anyone know if there’s an official website for the magazine? I wanted to inlclude the cover in this post, but couldn’t find anything — distributor Fujisan only has a an old cover up.

Update: Here’s a link to their official page.