This looks like a must-see:

Welcome to the fantastic world of Otsuichi, a popular, 1978-born novelist whose style mixes chilly elements mystery that send shivers down your spine with a sense of dolour that makes his works relentless attacks on the heartstrings. “Zoo” is a selection of five sequences taken from a compilation of short stories of the same title, adapted for the screen while staying remarkably true to the originals. What makes the movie attractive is first of all the involvement of director Ando Hiroshi (“blue”), but also the remaining four titles are recommendable thanks to the participation of specialists in the fields of TV play, commercial, video game and animation respectively. Pay attention also to the moving performances of child actors Kamiki Ryunosuke, Suga Kenta and Kobayashi Ryoko! (REALTOKYO)

The movie starts playing at Theatre Ikebukuro (yeah, in my hood) March 19. There’s a trailer for the film on this page.