SHIROKUMA is a beautiful flash-based online photographic magazine, and today marks the start of their first gallery exhibition, “Idle Network.”

This is Shirokuma’s first gallery exhibition, after over two years on the scene as an online photographic magazine (http://srkm.org). The expressive power of photography was always a topic of concern to us, since photos easily degenerate into the “cheap” and “boring”. In this exhibition we attempt a collaboration between the gallery show and its correspondent web issue. On the one hand will be photos on monitor screens as temporary beings and on the other, solid, existing photos on sheets of paper. The former propagates as a flow of minute electrons, the latter waits on a wall to be seen. It is in this very context that we ask the question: “What really -is- the experience of looking at photos?” (TAB)

It happens at Gallery Kingyo until March 27.