Tokyo International Anime Fair

Next weekend (April 2-3) sees the big Tokyo International Anime Fair at Tokyo Big Sight.

The biggest animation trade show in Japan attracts over 50,000 visitors in two days to see the latest anime features and TV shows, games and characters goods. 130 Japanese production companies and TV broadcasters, as well as about 30 international anime houses, will be showing their newest products. Last year was a let down, as all the long-awaited “event” animations from the masters (“Appleseed,” “Innocence,” “Steam Boy”) turned out to be yawn-filled duds – but there might be a surprise like “Mind Game” in there this year. The future is definitely Gonzo, or maybe even elsewhere in Asia. (Tokyo Q)

These things can be trying, as there’s only so much “otaku” culture a sane person can take in on one day, but might still make for an interesting outing. Oh, and I don’t agree at all with that reviewer’s statement that APPLESEED, INNOCENCE, and STEAMBOY were duds.