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Kami-Robo Expo 2005


Just a reminder that the “Kami-Robo Expo 2005” is now on. If last month‘s GGG exhibition is anything to go by, this should be well worth seeing.

A robot made out of cardboard boxes and wires, nicknamed “kamirobo”… Sculptor Yasui Tomohiro has been devoting himself to the creation of more than 200 kamirobos in 27 years, and the crank, errr, crack keeps entertaining himself with “kamirobo wrestling” and other games. Introducing in mountains of videos and other material the production style and the plastic art involved in the making of kamirobos, this exhibition is an opportunity to catch a glimpse of an ultimate otaku world. Reactions will probably vary between weariness and adulation of Yasui’s queer worldview, but the well-trained deftness of his fingers when moving the robots is definitely amazing. (REALTOKYO)

It’s taking place at the Parco Museum until April 25. The Kami-Robo official site features a bunch of videos of them battling it out.