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Instant Drawing machine


If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday, this looks like it would make for an interesting outing:

INSTANT DRAWING MACHINE A Collaboration between NAKAOCHIAI GALLERY in Tokyo and TRIPLE BASE GALLERY in San FranciscoJULIA BARNES is taking NAKAOCHIAI GALLERY to the streets of Tokyo, where she’ll broadcast your dreams, wishes and imaginations LIVE to and from San Francisco via the Internet.

CRUST&DIRT at TRIPLE BASE GALLERY in San Francisco will connect to NAKAOCHIAI GALLERY in Tokyo using wireless laptops with iSight Web-cameras. The laptop is left standing anonymously on the street with a sign
attached saying, “INSTANT DRAWING MACHINE; You ask, We draw.”

So far this collaboration has taken art to the streets of Tokyo and Shanghai where CRUST&DIRT, wearing masks, entice people off the street to have their pictures drawn.

Within minutes, peoples imaginations, drawn by CRUST&DIRT, are hanging at TRIPLEBASE GALLERY in San Francisco. Requests are as diverse as boxing kangaroos and Michael Jackson.

The NAKAOCHIAI GALLERY will debut the INSTANT DRAWING MACHINE at Western Exhibitions Gallery in CHICAGO, USA on April 30th 2005.

In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for CRUST&DIRT and the INSTANT DRAWING MACHINE on the streets, and projected on the walls, of Tokyo.

NEXT SESSION: 16 APRIL 3pm — email for exact location in Tokyo