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Karaoke Kalk Night

For fans of the Karaoke Kalk label (of which I am):

While the popularity of jam bands like M, M & W in Japan has to be credited primarily to the Organic Groove series, events in recent years tend to include also electronic music. Cologne-based Karaoke Kalk is one of the labels you’d consider virtually unrelated to the original OG concept, but with this new direction in mind, plus the fact that Karaoke Kalk does represent the “organic” end of electronica, this label showcase begins to make sense. What remains a stumbling block though is the “groove” thing, and the focus on the label from this perspective is what should make fans of both OG and KK curious to check out the sets of Wechsel Garland (photo), Pluramon and others. The Japanese guests are definitely groovy! (REALTOKYO)

It happens April 29 at Unit in Daikanyama. Link to the Organic Groove site.